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Safety Tips As with any destination, it is important to check with your government to see if there are travel warnings or advisories. U.S. citizens can visit http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/cis/cis_1149.html#safety for the latest news and safety information.

Although serious crime is relatively rare in Jordan, you should always use common sense and be aware of your surroundings. Crowded areas such as bus terminals and malls are sometimes frequented by pick pockets and purse snatchers, so avoid keeping your wallet in your back pocket or wearing ostentatious jewelry.

Amman and the surrounding cities are relatively small and most places of interest - hotels and restaurants - are well-known. Street addresses are rarely used - mail is delivered only to post office boxes located at neighborhood post office centers, while only the larger street names are commonly known. When giving directions, therefore, people will usually tell you the area or a nearby landmark (a large hotel, ministry building or supermarket, for example) and specific instructions from there.

Amman itself is built on seven hills, or “Jabals,” each of which more or less defines a neighborhood. Many Jabals once had a traffic circle (roundabout) at their peak and, although most of the circles have now been replaced by traffic lights, the junctions are still known as 1st Circle, 2nd Circle... 8th Circle. Other Amman neighborhoods were once separate villages, now swallowed up by the expanding city.One final word...If you’re having trouble finding your way, don’t hesitate to ask a passerby, as most people will be delighted to help.

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