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Getting Around

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Getting Around Taxis are the easiest and most convenient way to get around Amman and other areas in Jordan. They are also relatively inexpensive, even over substantial distances such as the trip between Amman and Aqaba. To stop a taxi, simply hail it in the street as Jordanians do. Be aware that white taxis travel fixed routes and are shared; so unless you are okay with stopping every few blocks for other riders you will want to look for the yellow and grey cabs (many of which are parked outside major hotels). Make sure that your driver is using a meter – although taxis in Jordan are required by law to use meters, they are not always used at night, so it is advisable to agree on the cost before heading to your destination. Tipping is not compulsory, but it is an unwritten custom to pay drivers 10 to 20 piasters above the quoted meter fare.


Public bus service is available in Amman and between most of Jordan’s major towns and cities. Service is not always punctual, however, and buses can be very crowded at certain times of the day. Medical tourists are better served by using private companies that offer charter bus and regular tours. The following companies have been recommended by Jordan’s tourism board:

  • Jordan Express Tourist Transport (Jett)
  • Jordan Investment and Tourism Transport
  • Sahara Kirresh Transport
  • Rum Group for Transportation & Tourism Investment P.S.C.
  • Sultan Tourist Transport
  • Philadelphai Tourist Transport Co.
  • Sindband / Marine Transportation
  • Mesk Tourist Transport
  • Smart Way Tourist Bus

Renting a Car

Most medical travelers to Jordan will prefer the comfort and convenience of prearranged private transportation or getting around in taxis. If you like more flexibility and freedom – and are physically able to, then you may want to rent a car. Jordan has excellent roads with English and Arabic road signs so it is relatively easy to get around (brown signs are specifically for tourists), particularly if you are traveling outside the city. If you plan to drive within Amman or other large cities, then you will need an adventurous spirit and an extra dose of patience as streets can follow labyrinthine paths and local drivers tend towards a loco style of driving (at least from a Westerner’s point of view). Happily most rental car companies offer the option of renting the car with a chauffeur at reasonably priced rates.

To rent a car you will need a driver’s license valid in your country of origin,
provided you have held it for at least one year.

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