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MedicalTourism Jordan

MedicalTourismAnyone who visits Jordan is immediately struck by a sense of timelessness. Down through the centuries, the land that today makes up the modern state of Jordan has witnessed some of history’s greatest civilizations. The Moabites and Edomites – frequently mentioned in the Bible, were two great tribes who ruled this region back in the Iron Age (about 3,200 years ago). The magnificent city of Petra was built a thousand years later by a highly civilized people called the Nabateans, and shortly after the mighty Roman Empire appeared on the scene with its love of Greek culture, orderliness and splendid architecture. Only a few hundred years after Christ’s birth, Alexander the Great passed through leaving death and destruction in his wake. Then about a thousand four hundred years ago, Muslim Arabs under control of the Ummayad empire conquered the land. Still later, it was the Seljuk Turks, Mamlukes (slave soldiers), Ottoman Turks and Britain who came and left their mark.

There is no doubt travelers are awed by the country’s remarkable cultural and archaeological heritage, as well as its scenic beauty. However, not all of Jordan’s treasures are ancient or hidden in museums. Virgil, a famous poet from Roman times, is supposed to have said, “The greatest wealth is health.” The gift of health is, indeed, every bit as valuable as the most precious gem or delicate sculpture. Lately, visitors from all over the world are discovering what people in the Middle East have known for many years: that Jordan offers outstanding quality healthcare at very low cost.

Patients from all over the world are now traveling to Jordan for a wide range of medical procedures including orthopedics, cardiology, cancer treatments and much more. These are performed at internationally accredited hospitals equipped with cutting-edge technology, and staffed by medical professionals fluent in multiple languages and trained at the world’s finest medical institutions.

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