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Looking at a Typical Medical Travel Process

MedicalTourism Jordan

Congratulations! You’ve passed medical tourism 101. But what, you may ask, is a typical medical travel experience to Jordan like? Well, let’s take a look.

  • Debbie Johnson is interested in a hip replacement for her husband Bob. She searches the internet and finds a hospital in Amman, Jordan that specializes in this procedure.
  • Debbie fills out an inquiry form on the hospital website requesting information about the procedure.
  • Amir, from the hospital’s international office, responds to Debbie with a price range for the procedure and information about the hospital and the recommended orthopedic surgeon. Amir will also request x-rays of Bob’s knee and ask that he fill out a comprehensive medical history questionnaire.
  • Dr. Mohammed, the orthopedic surgeon, reviews the information and determines that Bob is an ideal candidate for the hip replacement procedure. Amir coordinates a conference call between Dr. Mohammed and the Johnsons so that both parties can ask questions and get to know each other.
  • Amir sends Debbie and Bob a more precise price quote and the surgery is scheduled in the next three weeks. Flights are arranged by the patient and Amir coordinates their lodging at a nice hotel located ten minutes from the hospital. Amir then sends the patient a detailed itinerary, recommended packing list and pre-operative instructions.
  • Bob and Debbie arrive in Amman and are met outside the airport by a smiling hospital representative named Ali. They are then taken to their 5-star hotel to relax.
  • The next day Ali picks up the couple and takes them to the hospital. There they are warmly greeted by Amir who takes them to a wellappointed lounge to begin the pre-admission process. Bob is then taken to his private room to relax while nurses take care of his blood work and coordinate an x-ray of his hip. In the afternoon he is visited by an internist and then his surgeon, Dr. Mohammed.
  • Early the next morning Bob is taken to the pre-surgery area to get prepped for the procedure. Less than an hour later he is unconscious and under the expert care of Dr. Mohammed who deftly makes incisions, measurements and inserts the titanium hip prosthesis. After recuperating in an adjoining area, Bob is taken back to his private room to rejoin Debbie and to begin the rehabilitation process.
  • After four days of recovery and intense rehabilitation in the hospital, Bob is discharged to a hotel to recuperate for the remainder of his stay.
  • Seven to 10 days (and many rehabilitation sessions) later, Bob returns to the hospital (walking with crutches) for a final evaluation with Dr. Mohammed to confirm that his hip is healing correctly, and that he is fit to travel home.
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