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Top 10 Things to Do

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Just because you are visiting Jordan for medical or health purposes does not mean you can’t enjoy some of its world-famous attractions. This is a land of hauntingly beautiful landscapes that bear witness to some of history’s greatest civilizations. Whether your interest is spiritual, historical, cultural, adventure or relaxation you will not be disappointed.

Below is a list of the top ten things to do while in Jordan.

1) Venture into Petra’s Siq

Ensconced behind rugged mountains, Petra is one of the most spectacular archaeological sites in the ancient world. Visitors must first traverse a 1.5 KM-Long Siq that suddenly opens up to reveal what must be one of the most majestic and imposing ancient sites in the world - an architectural marvel carved out of solid rock and standing over 40 meters high.

2) Gaze upon a Roman Amphitheatre

Travel 2,000 years back in time to visit the remains of an impressive Roman amphitheatre, located within the marvelously preserved ancient ruins of Jerash.

3) The Ancient Ruins in Jerash

Theaters, baths, a full-sized hippodrome and Hadrian’s arch are just a few of the interesting ruins located in Jerash. There are also several Christian churches with well-preserved mosaics inside.

4) The Citadel in Amman

Explore this archaeological landmark that features the Jordan Archaeological Museum, a Byzantine church the Temple of Hercules and the Umayyad Palace.

5) Float in the Dead Sea

Did you ever wonder what it’s like to walk on water? Well, floating in the Dead Sea is the next best thing. Nearly ten times saltier than seawater, the Dead Sea is rich in minerals and viscous enough that you can practically sit in the water. It also boasts world famous mineral black mud, thermo-mineral hot springs and world class spas.

6) Madaba Map of the Holy Land

As one of the oldest maps in the world, the Madaba Map is a treasure trove of information from the ancient world, as well as a beautiful piece of art in its own right. Created in the 6th century AD as a mosaic floor in the church of Saint George at Madaba, Jordan, the map depicts Jerusalem and the Holy Land in exquisite detail.

7) The Site Where Jesus was Baptized

The baptism site at the Jordan River is one of the most important recent discoveries in biblical archeology. The area known as Wadi Kharar is believed to be where John the Baptist lived and Jesus Christ was baptized. It was here that Jesus first prayed to God and gathered his first disciples.

8) Enjoy a Dive Adventure in Aqaba

The turquoise blue sea laps at the white shoreline as you descend deep into crystal clear waters. The Gulf of Aqaba is almost invariably calm with temperatures varying between 19/20 C in winter and 26 C in summer. All diving is shore based as Aqaba is blessed with a fringing reef which commences at the shoreline.

9) Mount Nebo

As the place where Moses is supposed to have viewed the Holy Land and been buried, Mt. Nebo is the most revered holy site in Jordan. Mount Nebo’s first church was built in the late fourth century to commemorate the end of Moses’ life. The church was subsequently expanded in the 5th and 6th centuries into the present day large basilica with its stunning collection of Byzantine mosaics. This is a site full of history and spirituality.

10) Visit One of Jordan’s Nature Reserves

Dana Nature Reserve is extends over 320 kilometers and contains a remarkable diversity of landscapes and wildlife, including many rare species of plants and animals. Here visitors can admire the ancient archaeological ruins of Feynan, the timeless serenity of Dana Village, and the grandeur of the red and white sandstone cliffs of Wadi Dana.

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