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How Much Should I Budget for My Trip to Jordan

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The amount of money you will need to budget on your medical trip to Jordan will depend on factors such as flights, length of stay, accommodation choice and lifestyle preferences. Most facilitators and some hospitals offer procedure packages that include the cost of the procedure, hotel, and transportation. To calculate potential expenses, try breaking down your trip into its principal elements and then adding up the costs.

How Much Should I Budget for My Trip to Jordan Let’s take as an example a patient traveling from New York to Jordan for a hip replacement procedure (staying in country 16 days). The approximate costs including a companion would be as follows:

  • Surgical procedure package including surgery, lodging and on the ground transportation: $10,500 USD (€7.930 Euros)
  • Flights: $2,400 USD (€1.813 Euros)
  • Meals: $1,200 USD ($75 USD per day), €906 Euros (€57 Euros per day)
  • Tours and sightseeing: $300 - $600 USD (€227- €453 Euros)
  • Shopping and souvenirs: $200 USD (€151 Euros)

Approximate total: $14,900 USD (€11.253 euros)

As shown in the above example, most of these elements can be calculated with a fairly high degree of accuracy. For example, flights from New York to Amman average roughly about $1,200 USD (€906 Euros) per person round trip (though this can vary depending on the season and how far in advance you book your flight).

Jordan is a very tourism oriented destination with a wide range of lodging options available from low budget to 5 star-hotels. If lodging is not included in your medical travel package then expect to pay between $125-$200 USD (€94-€151 Euros) for a moderately priced double room with breakfast.

Food in Jordan is very affordable, street snacks like a Felafel or Shwarma sandwiches are inexpensive and you can usually get a decent budget meal for 1 Jordanian Dinar to 3 Jordanian Dinar ($1-$5 USD) (€0.75-€3.78 Euros) in any midrange restaurant, but if you’re splashing out at one of Amman’s better or western restaurants, 15JD ($22 USD) (€17 Euros) would be an average cost per person. Plan on budgeting at least $75 USD (€57 Euros) per day for two (this assumes a complimentary hotel breakfast).

Public transport is very inexpensive in Jordan. Most taxi rides around town will cost 2 JD ($2.8 USD) (€2 Euros), and the four-hour JETT bus between Aqaba and Amman, about as far as you can go in Jordan, costs 7 JD ($9.80 USD) (€7.40 Euros).

Tours and sightseeing are a must in Jordan where cultural and historical attractions abound. You cannot leave Jordan without at least visiting Petra or the Dead Sea (with your doctor’s permission of course). So expect to spend at least a few hundred dollars delving into Jordan’s rich cultural heritage.

Shopping expenses are never easy to predict. You’ll likely want to take back an oriental carpet or some souvenirs to your kids or grandkids, so put aside a little cash for these expenditures.

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