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When is the Best Time to Go

MedicalTourism Jordan

Jordan is a great time to visit any time of year, however, like most destinations there are certain times or seasons that may be better than others due to weather or lower air fares and lodging costs. If you are seeking pleasant weather then try planning your trip during the spring (April/May) and fall September/October when spring-like temperatures make it particularly attractive for patients. Unfortunately this is also the most popular time to visit so tourist spots will be crowded and flights and hotels tend to be at their most expensive.

Another good time to visit is between November and March. The weather can be cold - even wet at times (especially during the middle of this period), however, travel and lodging is relatively inexpensive and there are fewer visitors. The least expensive time to visit Jordan is during July and August; however, the trade-off is the extremely high heat which can make for uncomfortable outings.

When planning your surgery dates it is important to be aware of local holidays or festivities that could affect your stay. The most important Islamic celebration is the holy month of Ramadan, which falls on the 9th month in the Muslim lunar calendar (the Islamic lunar calendar year is 10-11 days shorter than our Gregorian calendar so exact months will vary). During this period, Muslims will not eat, drink or smoke in public, and many businesses are closed or operate shorter hours. And while most Muslims understand that non-Muslims are not under the same obligation to observe these practices, they will appreciate your

The observance of Ramadan will not affect the quality of your medical care; however, it may make it more difficult to get around and will probably put limits on your sightseeing activities and restaurant choices. At the same time, some people will appreciate the opportunity Ramadan offers to witness a unique spiritual event characterized by mysticism and celebration.

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